Additional services

Besides match making, we offer a range of other services aimed at helping you in your quest to find a life partner. Here is an overview of our additional services:

  • Styling assistance.

Tired of your look but not sure how or what to change to? Sign up for our styling assistance and receive tips, advice and suggestions on everything from clothes and perfumes to a new hairstyle.

  • Personal shopper

With your personal shopper, choosing the right outfit, a new suit, colours that match, clothes that suit you and fit well becomes a breeze. We will guide you and help you find clothes that accentuate your look and figure.

  • Mentoring

Are you new to match making, feeling a little insecure or doubting yourself? These are feelings we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. With a mentor from Rebecca Louise, you can get positive feedback and constructive criticism on how to make a good first impression. In the course of an hour long session, your mentor will note your body language, mannerisms, eye contact and provide you with a number of pointers as to how you can relax, be natural and enjoy the process of dating and finding your match.

  • Date planner

Unsure what to do on your dates? We can help. Based on your profile and personal interview, we can help you plan a date to remember.