This is how you do it:

Step 1: register for our service

Step 2: fill in your profile

Step 3: book an initial phone call to discuss options

Step 4: one to one meeting with matchmaker

Step 5: we arrange a meeting for you and a compatible partner


Match Making Services

Feeling a bit weary of the dating jungle, fed up with using dating apps, not interested in scanning bar environments for your soulmate?

If you are very much searching for a compatible partner and a long term serious relationship, then you have definitely come to the right place!

I truly believe matchmaking is a mix of part art, part experience and part instinct. The best way to approach dating is openly and to have fun at every step of the way.  It is so much fun to meet new people, so enjoy the adventure and the excitement of not knowing where it may lead.

I believe that there is a perfect partner for everyone and I very much believe in the concept of love, sometimes it just needs a bit of time and a good match maker to push the union forward, this is where I come in!


Who is welcome to join?

Anybody, (all nationalities, all religions, everyone is welcome) There are no prejudices here. My only requirements are that you are a positive, kind and decent human being. You are respectful to others and open for the opportunity of love knocking at your door.

The Match Maker Service includes:

  • A Face-to-Face experience
  • Dates with hand-selected matches
  • Your very own matchmaker working with you 1:1
  • Personal profiling

Rebecca Louise is all about meeting people face to face and creating a personal, individual and beautiful dating experience. Refreshingly simple yet effective. I want to get to know each of my applicants, so everyone feels special, unique and enjoys the service. I offer a slice of dating luxury in a world of Tinder.

Most importantly, I really want to help people meet their soulmate and find their special someone.  Simply put; dating in the real world, with real people, looking for real relationships. I can help you meet a potential partner but the magic ingredient is chemistry, so meeting for a date is the key.

The service that I offer is offline, personal, confidential and and guarantees complete discretion.

I believe a quality match making membership should be tailored to your needs, deliver a personal and professional service that guarantees matches with eligible singles… so that is exactly what I offer!

By choosing Rebecca Louise you will open yourself to a world of new possibilities you might never have thought of or expected.

The Questionnaire
Personal Interview
Finding You A Match
Additional Services


personal service

If you’re looking for meaningful dating experiences, help in fine tuning your style and wardobe, or feedback on how to create a positive first impression then we can help


  • Platinum member – pay 3,795 kr. These members 4 dates in the first 6 months
  • Diamond members – pay 2,795 kr. These members get 2 dates in the first 6 months
  • Gold members – pay 1,795 kr. These members get one date in first 6 months
  • Inactive members – are signed up and if I find a very suitable profile that may fit them, they will be contacted


What They Say

“Really good first date, now we will try and arrange a time for another date. Thank you Rebecca!”

“It was already amazing to have those stimulating conversations with Thomas, no matter what happens…I have not laughed like that in years”

” I have had the most wonderful weeks. I feel I may have met my soulmate. I want to call you later and express my gratitude to you. Jason is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in my life.”


“Oh my god what a date! How did you get it so right? I just told a few friends that you are the best match maker ever”



“I can see why you matched us! A lot of things in common. We had a great evening. Very pleasant and comfortable and lots of laughter.”



“I am meeting with Anna today, I really like her sense of humor. I am so looking forward to it”



“She is a very intelligent woman! Some good conversations were had. I hope she wants to meet again.”



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